The Pinnacle in Lancaster County

April 27, 2018

While traveling around on assignment in southern Lancaster County, Pa., what the locals call the Southern End, I came across these two individuals at a place known as The Pinnacle.

The man on the left in a highlighter yellow shirt is 29-year-old Zach Miller, an ultra marathoner who grew up in Lancaster County and now lives in Colorado Springs, Col. On the right is independent filmmaker Billy Yang, 40, from Los Angeles.

They agreed to stand in the foreground while I put together this shot of this special place to me.

I grew up near The Pinnacle, and I would often come to this very rock outcrop overlooking the Susquehanna River, where an out-of-sight dam creates a wide stretch of water known as Lake Aldred. I read books on those rocks, did homework, and in December 2007, proposed to my future wife there.

Although not the prettiest of April days, the cloud cover provides a dramatic touch, and quite honestly, The Pinnacle is one of those spots cameras simply cannot convey the vastness of the panorama. We do our best anyway. Click To Tweet

Across the way is York County, and at the foot of the Lancaster County river hills runs The Port Road, a line of railroad tracks operated by Norfolk Southern. For a long time, my Dad as supervisor of a track crew had responsibility for maintaining that line, and at night, if the air was still, you could hear the train horn drifting up to our house.

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