What moms can teach dads about better parenting

CAUSING DAD’MAGE: What Moms can teach Dads about better parenting

While putting together the November fatherhood column for Susquehanna Style magazine, I asked followers on social media accounts for some advice. I wanted to know what us Dads could learn from Moms about parenting. Presumably — and that is a dangerous word — Moms and Dads approach parenting uniquely. Honestly, though, what I’ve discovered is in today’s world of parenting, it seems the differences between how Moms and Dads parent have less to do with our genders. It has more to...

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CAUSING DAD’MAGE: Endings are beginnings

The message came in a straightforward manner. The column about fatherhood I’d been writing for a regional fashion magazine would come to an end in 2018. The magazine could simply no longer afford to support most of its columnists anymore, and having once been laid off from a newspaper job, that wasn’t hard to understand. But what should I do now? As I approach 40, no role in my life has taken on more prominence than being Dad to my...