7 things I no longer do now that I'm a Dad

7 things I no longer do now that I’m a Dad

Long before the birth of my first son, I concocted an ideal of fatherhood. It was a cocktail, really. I saw myself as a blend of John Keating from Dead Poets Society; a bearded Jeremiah Johnson in the wilderness nodding over his shoulder as if to say “Damn right, we’re in the woods and LOVING IT”; and how I imagined Crash Davis from Bull Durham would act if he ever became a Dad.   Perfect. What no one tells you,...

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My favorite children's books to read

CAUSING DAD’MAGE: My favorite children’s books to read

Ah, storytime. Intended to be a relaxing descent for our 6- and 4-year-old boys toward falling asleep. Gather, my sons, in your cartoon jammies with freshly brushed teeth and minds ready to focus on the pictures and words I lay before you. No, we can’t run around the hallway instead. No, you can’t have a fourth snack. No, you can’t watch the iPad. It’s reading time. Old fashion? Yes. But we’re gonna read books, dammit, like it’s 1909. This scene...